Hello NABC Members,

Well it has been a couple of busy months if your child/children are on Fall sports. There is never enough time in the day with work, sport, and school. We are always on the go. Now we look toward Winter sports - Swimming, Wrestling, Winter Track, and Basketball. During this time of year we, as the NABC, operate the winter concession stand. This is where we make most of the money that is given as Awards to the Senior Athletes.

We need your help by volunteering your time in supervising the key club members (hopefully if they except this volunteer position), set up and clean up. It sounds daunting but it is not; it can be quite fun. There will be an instructions book, so we all know what to do before, during, and after the games. You get to meet the student, staff, and coaches from Nottingham as well as the opposing team.

As some of you know Sarah Conte and myself ran the stand alone, and it took a big chunk of our family time. We are a volunteer organization with over 50 Members; there are less then 50 events in the winter that the stand is open. If every one took 1 or 2 days we can all contribute to the continuation of this great tradition. I have been told by many opposing teams that we have the best concession stand in Mercer County. Lets keep it that way!

I will be buying the supplies for the stand and will be there to start the setup. I know it is hard for a lot of you to get there @ 3:00 pm; I finish work at 2:45, so I will always be available to set up. Please do not think you can't volunteer because of the time frame - we can work around that. I am attaching the Basketball and Wrestling Schedules [link below] for you to see if you are available to help the club that you belong to. Please give some time and make this year a success for your athletes.

Download the Basketball and Wrestling Schedule Sheet

Nancy Bentz